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Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Review

What do you have for Breakfast everyday? I know I used to eat all the things that I thought was healthy until I learned the importance of adding certain superfoods to my diet to ensure health, nutrition and vitality. Even then… I would spend hundreds of dollars weekly in the health food store trying to get my “Healthy Meal” as Healthy as possible. All of that changed once I found Shakeology. I tried it and the rest is history. See for yourself in the video why I choose to drink Shakeology for breakfast as opposed to eating any thing else.


To your Health & Success

Danielle K Howell


No Wheat Diet

I may be a little late with finding out about this book. However I always feel “Better late than never”… After reading this groundbreaking book entitled “Wheatbelly” I really started to look at wheat in a whole new way. I always wondered why some people carry so much weight in their bellies. I’ve always heard of the term “beer belly” but I never understood how that sort of belly fat accumulation could happen if the person wasn’t a beer drinker at all. We walk around the mall, we see women and men carrying around bellies in front of them like an unborn baby. We go to the restaurants and there are the bellies all around us. We visit the schools and the children have protruding bellies.

The way Dr. William Davis explains the how this “new” wheat that we as consumers are now being exposed to is grown and how it affects our bodies is simply amazing and very eye-opening.

See for yourself how his concepts, experiments and philosophies make you look at wheat and disease.

Comment and let me know you feel about this topic. Buy the book and let’s have a discussion!

I’ll talk to you soon…


5 reasons Why You Need To Juice

I had such a great time today sharing my juice with you. I am always delighted when I turn my video camera on and am able to share some meaningful health tips. If you are new to juicing… Congratulations and Welcome to the Fabulous World of Juicing!! You are among the Elite now :-)

It is proven that Juicing is a powerful way to Gain Amazing Health Benefits..

Here Are My 5 Reasons Why You should be juicing at least once a Week:

#1- Digestion. If you are like millions of others who experience digestive discomfort on a regular basis, you should be juicing. Digestion discomfort could be a sign of many digestive disorders and luckily, juicing can help with this by pushing everything downward and acting as a natural laxative

#2- Diabetes. If you are diabetic or have a high blood glucose level, You should be juicing. Many diabetics who have juiced regularly have actually reversed their diabetes. Juicing has been proven to normalize blood glucose levels in many persons with diabetes. Once they started juicing they did not want to return to their normal eating patterns anymore and bye bye to those insulin needles and finger prick machines.

#3- Skin disorders. If you have acne, puffy eyes, aging skin etc. then juicing is what you need to do. The vitamin C and the additional nutrients found in fresh juices undoubtedly results in firmer, healthier youthful looking skin.

#4- High Blood Pressure. The cleansing power of fresh juices as well as the natural diuretic found in certain fruits and vegetables helps to lower blood pressure. Many people who start juicing regularly are taken off numerous blood pressure medication. I am one of them YAYY!!!

And… Last but not LEAST…

#5- Weight Loss. Yes! Juicing can help you lose those unwanted pounds. The way that the juice passes through your body helps your body absorb nutrients and macro-nutrients. This aids your body in better digestion, you consume less calories and you shed the pounds! Isn’t that great news?

So, there you have it. My top 5 reasons why YOU should be juicing on a regular basis.. I know that juicing has lowered my blood pressure and has cleared up constipation issues that I battled with as well as relieved many of my  PMS related symptoms amongst other things. I am a huge proponent of juicing! The world is finally coming to terms with the fact that juicing is Great for the body, the mind and the soul.  As we are entering a time where most of our food is “fast” and packaged, we are moving away from the beauty of fruits and vegetables. Let’s keep our farms, let’s cherish Nature’s Candy and let’s reclaim our Health! Enjoy the juicing video I have shared. Feel free to share your juicing experience and how it has impacted your health and your life. Be sure to get your Breville J98XL Blender, blend up your fruits and veggies and drink to your Health… SALUD! See my recipe used in the video below. As well as a link to get your juicer from Amazon.com. If you’d like to purchase my 21 days of juicing recipe booklet. Click here and it will take you to directly to the order page.

Take Care, and I’ll speak with you again soon.

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Recipe: Makes approx. 6 8oz Juices

  • 12 apples (golden delicious or gala preferred)
  • 2 bunches of spinach
  • 12 carrots
  • 1 1/2 inch piece of ginger
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 1 cucumber

Juice all ingredients together to make a sweet, tasty, juice… yumm, yumm, yummy




Do you want to get rid of that Kangaroo Pouch?

Huh?? Kangaroo Pouch you ask?

Yes… that annoying accumulation of fat that is not quite on your waist and not quite as low as your hips… you know… that pouch of fat that sticks out when you zip up your pants. That round pouch of dough that sits there when you have on your nice sleek sexy dress or your nice tailored slacks. If you can’t relate then GOOD FOR YOU!! But in my case I have had that pouch for years. It followed me wherever I went. I went to the bathroom… that pouch was there. I ran my races… that pouch trudged along with me and even when I did my yoga poses and taught my aerobics classes… you got it! Mr. Pouch tagged along. It seemed like no matter what I did, I could not get rid of that extra belly fat at the bottom of my stomach, that I officially labeled my “Kangaroo Pouch“. If you know what I’m talking about say “I can relate DK“.
Do you know carrying around extra belly fat makes you more likely to develop Heart Disease than someone who carries their weight elsewhere on their bodies? I had high blood pressure for years! Yes, belly fat is the number one indicator that you have or will develop Heart Disease. So if you have been carrying around extra weight in the mid section, it is time to do something about it! Can you do crunches? YesCan you do sit ups?Yes, but will any of these methods burn the fat that you need to burn in the right way? NO! I don’t know about you but I’ve tried all of that and more and still that stubborn fat did not budge. It wasn’t until I started to feed my body with nutrient dense nutrition every single day and doing specific exercises that not only strengthens the core (stomach) but burns the fat around it at the same time. Once I started doing these things, I noticed my body changing in ways I never thought possible and quickly too. Now, I know your thinking that “everybody’s body is different” and absolutely, your body may take a little longer or your results may happen even quicker than mine… who knows? All I am saying is that once you start to feed your body what it needs EVERY SINGLE DAY and you add specific exercises that is proven to slim and sculpt your body, your abs will become slim, sleek and beautiful! Next week I will give you a free sneak preview of the type of exercises I am speaking about. If you are interested put in your name and email address below and I will contact you with more details. In the meantime, watch my video and see how I got rid of my Kangaroo Pouch, and if you’re read… how you can get rid of yours too…


Click here for more information regarding the relationship between belly fat and heart disease.

Be Informed… Be Educated… Be Free!!! 
Have a wonderful day,
Peace & Love,
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