Meatless Mondays

As much as we love to chew meat because after all many of us are omnivores, it is especially critical that we give our bodies a break from meat every now and then. One of the ways I give my body a break is by incorporating meatless days on purpose. I have introduced this to my family and believe it or not they embraced it with open arms. However in order to keep them from wanting that piece of chicken or their favorite food… turkey tacos, you have to make the food not only healthy but delicious. Sometimes just a regular salad will suffice like you will see in this video. It doesn’t always have to be something so fancy that takes days and hours of preparation, it can be a simple dish that is packed with loads of healthy vegetables along with some great fixins added to it.

Since adopting a meatless day a few times a week,  we as a family have noticed that pounds shed a lot quicker, bowel movements are much better as well as sleep patterns have improved. We were never a family that was big on red meats but I have to let you know that just by eliminating chicken and turkey a few times each week , and adding more exotic fruits and vegetables… this will not only improve your health & well being but it will save a precious animal.

Enjoy my Meatless Monday video and if you’d like more vidoes and recipe ideas to start your meatless days, be sure to Comment below and subcribe to my newsletter I’d love to hear from you!

Have a wonderfully Healthy & Successful Day,

Danielle “DKHealthy1′ Howell




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