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Children can quickly get you to a place of Abundance

So, today I took my girls out to the park to enjoy this beautiful weather. At 12pm they had gymnastics class, I sat in my car to catch up on some reading of ‘What Makes The Great Great’ by Dennis Kimbro, PhD. However, that never happened. I diverted my attention instead to my e-mails and came across an email from a man named Amish Shah. He is a an Innovate Internet Entrepreneur. To learn more about his fascinating story and what he does I suggest you Google him and prepare to be amazed. Any-who, back to my story. After reading about Mr. Shah, my children like clockwork came out of gymnastics class with big smiles and loads of energy. My 8-year old daughter said she was hungry so I decided to take them to the health food store to get them a nice vegetarian lunch. We ordered soy chicken, chick peas, rice with mixed vegetables and collard greens. We sat and ate, then I picked up a few things that we needed in the home like some Dr. Woods Castile’s Soap along with a tube of Nature’s Gate fluoride free toothpaste. We left and while I approached the park not too far from our home, I showed them the new exercise equipment that was installed there during the winter. So of course my children said… “ooh mommy can we go into the park?” I was happy to oblige because more than anything else, I love to keep my children healthy, happy and moving. We utilized the exercise equipment in the park, doing pull-ups and push-ups, doing dips and sit-ups. We were really into our little workout routine and then I had the idea for us to do some cartwheels. Now, let me take you on a trip down memory lane. I used to be a cartwheeling fanatic when I was little. I could not get enough of cartwheeling. Any free space that I could find was a good place for me to bust out a cartwheel!! And guess what? My girls are the exact same way. I was not fortunate enough to attend gymnastics class like my little darlings but it didn’t stop me from doing cartwheels whenever I could. As a child, I loved watching the Olympics, Mary Lou Retton was my absolute favorite gymnast. I loved watching her grace and her form. She was such an inspiration to me that I dreamed about doing what she could do on those balance beams and those parallel bars. Unfortunately, my dream was crushed when in elementary school I was caught talking in the back of gym class. I was called up to the front of the class to demonstrate how to straddle a piece of equipment called the “horse”. I was supposed to run and jump on the “horse” and twirl myself around. You’ve seen it in the Olympics. But to my luck, I was not paying attention during the teacher’s demonstration. I ran to the horse with my heart  pounding, all of the 5th grade student body watching and landed upside down on the side of the “horse”. Everyone laughed. I was so humiliated that I just wanted to curl up in a ball and roll away from the laughter. After that moment, I never really had the motivation to cartwheel or anything else. I felt like a failure. But them something remarkable happened… I had children!! Of course it was many years later but these two girls that I gave birth to seemed to have a gymnastics gene. My younger daughter Elaysia is extremely flexible and my other daughter Madison has a great passion for gymnastics. So, back to the cartwheeling idea. We did cartwheels in the park, and back bend kick overs, and splits… we had a magical day in the park. Every family should have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children in the park because you know what?? we don’t get those moments back when they are young and want to just have fun with mom and dad. This is what being abundant is all about. Yes, we at DKHEALTHY1 teach the process to becoming abundant. But what is abundance? Abundance can mean different things to different people but the bottom line is that if you are not abundant in your family life and enjoying your children who are full of life and joy and peace and love, then you are missing what it really means to be abundant. As adults we have the tendency to live a serious life. We are preoccupied with work, bills, or whatever else we think is so important. But honestly, nothing is more important than finding that time to have some Family Fitness Fun!! We teach balance of Mind, Body & Spirit. And having Family Fitness Fun meets all three criteria. We had a blast and although I could have been doing a million other things, I am happy to have been doing exactly what I was doing and being exactly where I was being at that moment, I would not have changed that experience for anything else. Hope you enjoyed this blog. Let me hear and see some of your Family Fitness Fun experiences. Watch the clip of our Fitness Fun!! Stay Blessed, Peace & Love <3 <3 <3