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Hi, My name is Danielle K Howell "DKHealthy1". Ever since I was a young child, I knew that I had a higher calling to help others. I actually heard my name being called by a loud voice at the age of 10 and my father told me that it was time for him and my mother to tell me my calling. My parents at that time were what I thought... "religious fanatics" but they didn't go to church. I was young and didn't quite understand their "home church services" but that night when I heard that loud voice call my name, my life would never be the same. Growing up, I was a very shy little girl, never felt as though I fit in. Never wanted to join a clique and had only a handful of friends. I also had a secret that no one but my parents knew. I was able to interpret dreams. My parents would tell me their dreams and I would interpret them. I even helped my Aunt "hit" the "number" because of my dream interpretation. I kept my secret to myself and never told any of my friends. I thought it was cool but a little weird at the same time. As I grew, so did my dream interpretation skills, as a matter of fact, one day my mother told me her dream and I knew that it meant she was going to die but I couldn't bring myself to tell her that. Sure enough, without me having any inkling that she was sick, my mother passed away at the age of 38. I was only 15. After experiencing such a trauma, I literally started living life on the edge. I drank, I smoked and partied like it was going out of style. I met a guy who would later become my daugther's father and lo and behold I became mother at 18. I barely had enough sense or money at that time to take care of myself, how in the world could I take care of a child? I was headed in a downward spiral and so was my health. I developed Chronic High Blood Pressure, my baby was born at only 3lbs 2oz because of my hypertension. I constantly had headaches, I was overweight, tired all the time and I really didn't care about my life or anyone else's. I was lost. Needless to say, my daughter's father and I didn't stay together, and after him I found myself in abusive relationships... one after the other. As the years went on, I started feeling as though I needed help. I started attending church. That actually helped for a while. I found out that I was somebody special. People liked me and I felt apart of a group. However, no matter how happy I was at church, when I got home, the happiness faded. I felt trapped again. I continued to go to church every now and then but still battled with addictions and alcoholism. Over time as I felt the urge to improve my life, I started keeping a journal to help me express my thoughts and feelings. I started taking better care of my health and I started caring more about myself. Fast forward to today, I am currently 40 years old if you are reading this in the year 2014 and I am if I do say so myself... am a success story. Yes a lot more happened in between this paragraph and last, but you will have to wait for my book to read the rest :-) So, I went on to graduate college with a sociology degree from Queens College, I have studied Nutrition & Exercise Sciences. I have organized Walk-A Thons, taught exercise classes, started, organized and ran Health & wellness ministries, started running clubs and have volunteered my time for numerous orgaizations. I have helped numerous people get on track with their health by showing them how to lose weight, run their first race, start a fitness program, stay motivated and so much more. I empower clients to pass state exams, make career changes, improve their family situations, invite more money into their lives etc! My life has made a total turnaround... How you ask? Because I found the TRUTH. You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you FREE!! I have been SET FREE by the renewing of my MIND and No I am not RELIGIOUS but I am here to say that there is a Higher Being that LIVES in us, around us and through us. A BEING that some may call GOD. Whatever you call IT... IT is TRUTH, IT is LIFE and IT JUST IS!! And I found out because GOD IS... I AM also!! This may not make sense to you or maybe it does. I didn't understand it at first until I started living in it. Remember I said that I used to interpret dreams? Well all those years I was drowning my gifts with drugs and alcohol, I was living in HELL. When I gave those things of the WORLD up, I started to LIVE. I received my gifts and my talents back and then some. I was able to do things that I never thought was possible. I began to share my life with others on a spiritual level. I started studying the Bible and other religious texts and found out that they are all basically the same. They all have the same message within their pages. I started studying how the mind works and why we as humans do the things that we do. I started realizing so much about life and eventually everything in my LIFE CHANGED and I am here to help you change YOUR LIFE.! If you are religious, that's fine, if you are spiritual, that's fine, if you have no feelings about those sorts of things PERIOD that's fine as well. This site is not about any of that, it's about assessing the POWER that YOU ALREADY POSSESS. This is what I have learned and this is now what I TEACH. Because I learned that Health is the BASIS of everything, I decided that I wanted to share all that I know with everyone who wants to know. I decided to become a Life Coach. Currently I am a NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association) Certified Holistic Life Coach. I also possess a Life Coaching Certificate... Certified and Accredited by the University of NLP. I have studied under Dr. Steve G Jones who is a master hypnotherapist. I have learned techniques that specialize in training those who have trouble setting weight loss, health goals as well as overall life goals for themselves. I have studied under America's #1 Fitness Expert John Spencer Ellis. My practice specializes in fitness of every facet of your life. Mind, Body and Soul. I am proud to say that I have overcome many obstacles in my life and it is by no accident that you have found this website. If you are struggling... not just with your weight but with your health, your family, on your job, in your business or in your life... you have just taken the first step to freedom my friend. I've been there and back... and I know how hard it can be to get on track and stay there. I can help you. Whatever it is that is holding you back from reaching your goals, I can help you overcome it. If you are willing, I am provide that extra push that you need to break free of the limits you have placed on yourself or that have been placed on you. As your life coach I will assist you in looking at your current situation and helping you make drastic improvements by utilizing the tools you already possess but have a hard time recognizing. If you're ready to get to work on your life, leave a comment below or send me an email. I look forward to working with you! Have a wonderfully Blessed day, Peace & Love, Danielle K Howell "DKHealthy1"

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Review

What do you have for Breakfast everyday? I know I used to eat all the things that I thought was healthy until I learned the importance of adding certain superfoods to my diet to ensure health, nutrition and vitality. Even then… I would spend hundreds of dollars weekly in the health food store trying to get my “Healthy Meal” as Healthy as possible. All of that changed once I found Shakeology. I tried it and the rest is history. See for yourself in the video why I choose to drink Shakeology for breakfast as opposed to eating any thing else.

To your Health & Success

Danielle K Howell


No Wheat Diet

I may be a little late with finding out about this book. However I always feel “Better late than never”… After reading this groundbreaking book entitled “Wheatbelly” I really started to look at wheat in a whole new way. I always wondered why some people carry so much weight in their bellies. I’ve always heard of the term “beer belly” but I never understood how that sort of belly fat accumulation could happen if the person wasn’t a beer drinker at all. We walk around the mall, we see women and men carrying around bellies in front of them like an unborn baby. We go to the restaurants and there are the bellies all around us. We visit the schools and the children have protruding bellies.

The way Dr. William Davis explains the how this “new” wheat that we as consumers are now being exposed to is grown and how it affects our bodies is simply amazing and very eye-opening.

See for yourself how his concepts, experiments and philosophies make you look at wheat and disease.

Comment and let me know you feel about this topic. Buy the book and let’s have a discussion!

I’ll talk to you soon…


Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Grab Your Free Copy of my E-Book that gives you 7 tips on how to eat healthy during the holidays. You will gain insight as to why you might have gained weight in the past and how you can avoid gaining weight this year and every time you are faced with gatherings where there will be an abundance of food and celebratory snacks.

Follow my 7 tips to keep your weight where it is. Guess what? You won’t need to wear elastic pants this Holiday Yayyy!!

Enjoy the Handbook. Feel free to pass it along to anyone you know who needs some tips on how to navigate the buffet table sensibly :-)

To your Health!

Danielle “DKHealthy1” Howell


How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

So if you missed my webinar last week, I spoke about the importance of joining in on the holiday festivities without gaining a pound. In fact, I not only stressed the great feeling of Not gaining weight but I spoke about How to Lose Weight During the Holidays.

Don’t you just love the holiday season? It’s such a beautiful magical time and it comes with an air of life, love, laughter and closeness. People get married during the holidays. People take vacations during the holidays. People catch up with family they haven’t seen all year during the holidays. The ice and the snow brings a sense of white beauty that only mother nature herself could provide. However, it also comes with gatherings centered around food, food, and more food.

Food is the breath of life! We deny ourselves of food every time we feel we need help losing weight. We deny ourselves of food when we feel that we are not at our ideal weight or when we want to fit certain clothes by a certain date. This is not the way to enjoy the Holidays At All!

Don’t deny yourself. I want you to enjoy the togetherness that the holidays bring… enjoy the parties, enjoy the sinful desserts all the while losing weight.
How? You ask?
Watch the webinar below, it’s only about 45 minutes long.

  • It will explain to you how I will enjoy myself this holiday season and not worry one bit about gaining weight.
  • It will explain how doing 2 very simple thing daily will ensure that you will shed those pounds and still eat your favorite foods.

To be able to share this with you is my pleasure as I know what you seek. I know you want to be one step ahead of everyone else. I know you want the secret to successful weight loss, I know you’ve tried other things in the past. I know you have given up on quick fixes and false promises. I’m here to tell you that what I have discovered is something that you have not tried and if you have… you didn’t have ME to go along with it.

 Here it is…

Click below to watch the webinar and start the journey that others will envy you for and will only dream about this holiday season.

I look forward to being a part of your amazing weight loss transformation!!

**Oh… and as a gift for you visiting this page you get my FREE Holiday Handbook with 7 tips on How NOT to gain weight this Holiday Season. Just put in your name and email address and it will come right to your inbox.

Oh Boy, I cannot wait to see you after the holidays,  with all these tools you have now, you have no choice but to look and feel slim and trim  when you bring in the New Year

Watch Out World!!! 😉


Start your PIYO journey NOW!


Start Your 21-Day Fix Journey NOW!

Don’t want to workout but you want to lose weight? Here is the Healthiest Meal of the Day, the STAR of the SHOW!

Losing weight with someone else is always so much more fun! Share this post with a friend and get started TOGETHER!

To your health & success,

Danielle “DKHealthy1” Howell

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5 Steps to Achieving Your Greatness!

So what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for that perfect distributor to sign up?

Maybe you are waiting to hit the lotto

Are you waiting for some relative to pass away to get an inheritance?

Do you need more money?

Are you in Debt?

Do you need a bigger house?

Do you need a better car?

If so, what are you waiting for?

Why do you feel that you have to wait for something to happen for you or to you in order for your life to change? You have the ability to do and be everything that you desire. You don’t’ have to wait for anyone to give you anything. I was in the supermarket the other day and a lady was complaining about how expensive everything was in the market and she went on to say that anyone who makes under $60,000 should automatically be given government assistance. I just looked at her and shook my head… I do agree that everything has gone up exponentially in cost, however,  does that mean that we are now supposed to fall backwards and allow the government to supply our needs and take care of us? Absolutely NOT! Does it mean that we need to rely on our parents and live with them FOREVER? Absolutely NOT! According to the Office of National Statistics, more than 3.3 million adult children lived with their parents in 2013 and those numbers are rising steadily due to the sharp rise in unemployment. Unfortunately, there are more adult children living at home now than in any time in history. Even though we have these statistics, we must know that we also have the capabilities to do miraculous things; things that can and will change our circumstances, and things that will move us way beyond our wildest imaginations.

So what are you waiting for?

What are the miraculous things that you have been wanting to do? Why haven’t you made that first step? Are you nervous? Do you doubt your abilities?

What are you waiting for?

If you have been having trouble finding your true potential, or maybe you don’t know exactly where to start…

Here are 5 simple steps that will get you on the right track to achieving your greatness!

Step 1 – Write out a plan. Write out exactly what it is that has been in your mind and on your heart to do.

Step 2 – Write down how this plan will benefit others. I am going to let you in on a little secret…. Unless you are helping others, you are setting yourself up for failure. I strongly advise against devising a plan that is set up just for the benefit of yourself. The more you give the more you receive.

Step 3– How will you go about implementing your plan? This may change a bit later but at least it gives you a blueprint to start with. Who do you have in mind that can support you in this decision? Will it cost anything? And if so, how will you go about funding it?

Step 4 – Why do you want to do this? Why do you think this particular mission has been laid on your heart at this particular point in time? Has this idea or plan been in the back of your mind for weeks, months, years? What is it about this particular thing that is near and dear to your heart?

Step 5 – What do you think is holding you back from starting? Why haven’t you proceeded with this passion in the past? Is it fear of failure? Is it a lack of time or money? Is it that you feel you are too old or too young? What is it? You must ask yourself these question because in order to have a breakthrough and be able to forge forward you must face your fears.  After facing what is holding you back and coming to terms with the fact that FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real, and that you make fear up in your mind to gain protection of the unknown… Then and only then can you move forward and actually conquer that fear and make your dreams come true! Franklin D Roosevelt said, “There is Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself”.

Answering these questions and following these 5 steps should be done in a nice quiet space, it will take some time to reflect. But write these questions down, answer them truthfully and you will begin to become aware of who you are, what your purpose here on earth is and how you can improve your situation simply by helping others. My mentor, the late and great Jim Rohn once said “If you help enough people get what they want then you will most certainly get what you want”. Follow those 5 steps to “stop waiting” and “start being”. Stop expecting someone to give you a handout and start being the one who hands out things to others. Then you will see the benefits of your labor and you will reap all of the rewards!

Have a Wonderfully Healthy & Successful Day,

Danielle “DKHealthy1” Howell