Are you a people pleaser?


Are you Tired of Being A People Pleaser?

In today’s post I am going to shed some light on why you are a people pleaser and what that does to you as a person and as a spiritual being.

We are spiritual beings created to do great things here on this earth. If you are constantly being a “people pleaser” to the detriment of your own health & well being, then you are headed down the wrong path. It is from my personal experience that I know that “people pleasers” are actually kind hearted people that want to help but just don’ t know when and how to draw the line when it comes to doing things out of “obligation” instead of from the heart. This type of behavior stems back to childhood in most cases. We were taught to take care of others as we watched our mothers and our grandmothers take care of everyone else and not take care of themselves properly. Women especially deal with this because we are natural givers. We were designed that way. And although I am not suggesting that you no longer take care of others, I am suggesting that you do not put others needs before your own. We cannot take care of other people if we don’t first take care of ourselves. On an airplane, we are told in case of emergency to put on our oxygen mask before administering one to our child. The same goes for our dealings with others in life.

Oftentimes, we give and give until we have no more to give and we become bitter, and resentful towards others and in turn we neglect ourselves by overeating, indulging in destructive behaviors and it can even turn into depression. If you have experienced what I am talking about then you can relate to the feelings. Those feeling tend to worsen if you feel like you “have” to do something or you “have” to be somewhere because you “owe” it to the person. I struggled with this for years. I always felt obligated and bad if I didn’t show up to something. Any time you feel obligated to do something, you need to take a step back and say to yourself “Self, you don’t owe anybody anything”.

Never put yourself in the predicament where you feel as if you have to be at the mercy of other people. Do things because you want to do them, do things because you like to do them, do things because it gives you joy… not because you “have to”. There are so many things in our lives that make us feel like we “have” to do things. We “have” to go to work,  we “have” to go to school, we “have” to succeed. We have been programmed to think that we “have” to do all these things. And if we don’t do them, we feel less than… The stay-at-home mom is made to feel as if she is less than the mom who works her way up the corporate ladder why? The college dropout is frowned about because afer-all you “have” to finish college right? These are man made views that have been forced upon us. The stay-at-home mom finds it all joy to stay home with her precious children and raise them. The college dropout may just be your next billionaire like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs just to mention a few. All of these “have to’s” take us away from what is really important. Do you know what you “have” to do? Nothing. There is nothing in this life that you “have” to do, but there is one thing in this life that you “should” do… and that is take care of your health. You should understand that your health is all you have. Ask someone who has been sick… ask someone who has mental health issues, ask someone who has lost a loved one to ill health.  


You can be rich with all the money in the world, but without good health, your money means nothing. Without your health, you can’t help others and without your health, you are literally a burden on others.


So today, my friend, I encourage you to Free yourself of the “have to” mentality when it comes to others and turn that “have to” mentality onto yourself.

Free Yourself!

You deserve to live Free and to do the things that you were created to do. Take some quiet time to reflect on the things you would like to do and are passionate about. Share it with others and show your greatness! You were born for a purpose, not to live at the expense of others but to be free and live greatly! This kind of living will free your mind, your body and your soul…
Let me know what you are passionate about. Let me know if you are ready to get healthy.  I would love to hear from you. I can help you get started on the road to health, wealth & Freedom!

Until next time…

Take Care and Have a Blessed Day,


I have cramps…
Oh, It’s That Time of The Month…
Oh PMS… you know the feeling…

Well, everyone in my family is big boned so it’s harder for me…
Everybody wasn’t meant to be skinny…
I have so much stress, you know??? 

YES, I get it, I know what you mean and you know what I also get?

Those are nothing but excuses!!

I don’t want to be rude or harsh,
but I am tired of hearing excuses about how you can’t find time to exercise, 
or because you don’t feel well,
or because you don’t have anybody to work out with,
or because you are stressed on your job, 
or because the sky is blue,
and the earth is round.

It is just all excuses!! 

Now don’t get me wrong,
some excuses are valid, 
like you’re bleeding from your head,
or your cat just died (I’ll let you slide if FiFi died)
but other than that… You Should Be Exercising on a Daily Basis.  JUST 5-10  minutes a day would work wonders for your health, your well being and your overall fitness level.
You have to start somewhere…

So today I challenge you to Start Working Out. Start with 5 or 10 minutes a day.
Don’t know which exercises to do? You say?? Well You Are In Luck. At the bottom of this post I have attached a link to a great 10 minute exercise regimen that you can purchase through Team Beachbody. Tony Horton will be your personal trainer for 10 minutes every day. I have also added a 5 minute Shaun T workouts that he did on Dr. Oz. Shaun T is too cute! He has daily 5 minute workouts that he posts on his Fabcebook page just for those busy people who happen to have stress in their lives and are PMS’ing, you know… people like you and me…

So, I hope this post was encouraging. I hope this post has prompted you to Start Exercising, and I hope this post showed you that there is nothing out there that is stopping you from exercising… nothing but YOU. 

I say these things to you in love, I say these things to you to put a fire under you because if you don’t start today willingly, unfortunately tomorrow you may have to start reluctantly because of some unforeseen sickness or some news from the doctor that you don’t want to hear. I am here to prevent you from getting that bad news. I am here to let you see that all you need is the will and the determination to change your circumstances. So have you been wanting to start exercising? Now is the time. You do have the time, you can exercise through those PMS symptoms, you can combat that stress and yes you can be skinny…

Have a wonderfully blessed day,
Peace & Love

Do you want to get rid of that Kangaroo Pouch?

Huh?? Kangaroo Pouch you ask?

Yes… that annoying accumulation of fat that is not quite on your waist and not quite as low as your hips… you know… that pouch of fat that sticks out when you zip up your pants. That round pouch of dough that sits there when you have on your nice sleek sexy dress or your nice tailored slacks. If you can’t relate then GOOD FOR YOU!! But in my case I have had that pouch for years. It followed me wherever I went. I went to the bathroom… that pouch was there. I ran my races… that pouch trudged along with me and even when I did my yoga poses and taught my aerobics classes… you got it! Mr. Pouch tagged along. It seemed like no matter what I did, I could not get rid of that extra belly fat at the bottom of my stomach, that I officially labeled my “Kangaroo Pouch“. If you know what I’m talking about say “I can relate DK“.
Do you know carrying around extra belly fat makes you more likely to develop Heart Disease than someone who carries their weight elsewhere on their bodies? I had high blood pressure for years! Yes, belly fat is the number one indicator that you have or will develop Heart Disease. So if you have been carrying around extra weight in the mid section, it is time to do something about it! Can you do crunches? YesCan you do sit ups?Yes, but will any of these methods burn the fat that you need to burn in the right way? NO! I don’t know about you but I’ve tried all of that and more and still that stubborn fat did not budge. It wasn’t until I started to feed my body with nutrient dense nutrition every single day and doing specific exercises that not only strengthens the core (stomach) but burns the fat around it at the same time. Once I started doing these things, I noticed my body changing in ways I never thought possible and quickly too. Now, I know your thinking that “everybody’s body is different” and absolutely, your body may take a little longer or your results may happen even quicker than mine… who knows? All I am saying is that once you start to feed your body what it needs EVERY SINGLE DAY and you add specific exercises that is proven to slim and sculpt your body, your abs will become slim, sleek and beautiful! Next week I will give you a free sneak preview of the type of exercises I am speaking about. If you are interested put in your name and email address below and I will contact you with more details. In the meantime, watch my video and see how I got rid of my Kangaroo Pouch, and if you’re read… how you can get rid of yours too…


Click here for more information regarding the relationship between belly fat and heart disease.

Be Informed… Be Educated… Be Free!!! 
Have a wonderful day,
Peace & Love,
917 485-3311


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